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to International Friendship

to International Friendship

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VOLUNTEER Programs:  Where Passion Meets Purpose

BEE:  Volunteer Business Education Experience

Helping Others is Rewarding

Community Service Builds Your Resume

Volunteering Develops Integrity and a Strong Work Ethic

Working with Americans Builds English Conversation Skills

And Helps You Make American Friends

In addition the the Homestay, this program  for participants ages 16-20 years, includes:

Locations:  Denver, Houston, Portland, OR, Seattle, Spokane, Salt Lake City, Washington D.C.

Shadow an American career proofessional during the workday

Work on professional projects that reflect your career interest

Gain a competitive edge in the business world

A unique

educational opportunity

to help each student

pursue professional

career goals,

gain a competitive edge

in the international workplace,

and achieve


Career  benefits

to build a successful

and exciting

     International career.

Compass USA provides the opportunity for international students to participate in a 4-12 week Volunteer program that will enhance their resumes and careers. Serious participants, with strong English conversation skills learn about the American business culture in a professional nonprofit setting.   

Youth, ages 18-20 years, participate in a general volunteer program to help them learn about American business practices.

Participants that have completed their sophomore year or more in college select a specific career interest.  

All participants are introduced to American culture and

English language by living with host families and volunteering in the American business culture.    Positions and responsibilities vary; participants volunteer 20-35 hours per week.

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School Year


Career Building Opportunities

Denver, CO

Houston, TX

Kansas City, MO    

Portland, OR      

Richmond, VA      

Salt Lake City, UT

Seattle, WA           

Spokane, WA  


Junior Community Service