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to International Friendship

to International Friendship

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Special Individual Programs

Learn and improve your skills in sports, the arts, academics and other recreational pursuits in the company of American Teens while living with your American Host Family.   Learn and practice your specific interest with American teens. This includes group or individualized instruction and practice.

In addition to the individual homestay, this program includes:

Group or Individualized Instructional Program as requested with practice time

Assistance with transportation arrangements for participant (car pool or public transport)

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Individual homestay participants pursue a particular interest during their homestay with the Recreation Program.   This includes a variety of leisure options including swimming, basketball and other court games, outdoor activities including tennis etc.  This is a great opportunity to meet American Teens.  Assistance with transportation arrangements for participant  is included.  

•Denver     •Houston      •Kansas City

•Minneapolis    •Portland, OR

•Salt Lake City    •Spokane  

•Virginia Beach

Program options include, but are not limited to:

● RECREATION CENTER:  swimming pool, gym, indoor and    outdoor courts




● OTHER OPTIONS available upon request

* Recreation opportunities vary by location and dates.


Rigorous one-on-one English tutoring combined with intensive practice with conversation pals provides opportunities for individualized instruction to meet your English language learning needs during your Individual Homestay.

In addition to the homestay this program includes:

What is a Conversation Pal?  

A conversation pal is an American student who is about the same age as the participant. The conversation pal will work with the tutor to provide conversation practice sessions in everyday situations. They may visit a mall and go on a scavenger hunt , visit a restaurant and order a meal, prepare a meal at home in the kitchen, play a game that requires conversation,  discuss political, educational, scientific or other topics depending upon areas of interest and conversation levels. The conversation pal is there to be a friend and help the participant improve his English conversation skills!

ESL:  English Advantage


The experience of homeschooling is a unique educational opportunity that combines an intimate learning setting with real world learning as well.

Compass USA offers high school students the opportunity to further their cademic development through our American Homeschool Program. Help students go from frustrated to excited about learning!

Students study the basic subjects with their host family in a variety of learning settings. At home,language arts, resource reading and discussion for science and history are explored. Mathematics and computer skills are also studied daily. In addition to working in the quiet setting of the host family home, small groups of students from several homeschool families meet together regularly to study specific science, social studies and math topics. Guest speakers, project learning, and field trips are often part of the group learning experience. Finally, the students join other students of all

ages to participate in a variety of extracurricular activities each week including various sports, arts,and other interests This is a unique learning opportunity that will give students a rich experience beyond what they can learn in the ordinary classroom.

Locations will vary. Duration 4-12 weeks. This program is designed for the serious individual homestay participant, ages 14-18 years, with developing English conversation skills.

In addition to the homestay this program includes:

● Homeschool and homestay orientations

● Homeschooling instruction and instructional materials

● Supplies and activity fees (the participant may incur additional fees)



Individual homestay participants enjoy time with an American Buddy.  Spend time together shopping,swimming, talking and hanging out with a teen that is the “same age” (within 3 years of your age).  Hang out together one to four times per week for three hours at a time.

Houston - Kansas City - Minneapolis  -  Portland, OR

-  Salt Lake City  -  Spokane