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to International Friendship

to International Friendship

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About Compass USA

Our Mission: To help others contribute and benefit from the growth of intercultural understanding.

Compass USA was founded in 2000 by a group of experienced homestay colleagues to provide educational opportunities for youth and

adults in the United States.  We are dedicated  to the principle that living inside an international culture is the key in the journey to

achieve international understanding.   We encourage each participant to personally contribute to this important journey.  

Together we help foster new understandings and worldwide friendships -- one person at a time.

     Committed to the promotion of quality international education and cultural training, our enthusiastic staff works closely with the

best international educational organizations to offer students from around the world the opportunity to live the “American experience.”

     Learning and living together builds bridges of understanding that foster profound differences in our ever changing world.

Compass USA homestay, educational programs and tours help build friendships and appreciation of others.   

Compass USA is deeply committed to providing quality international educational and cultural training.  

Lifelong friendships and genuine cultural understanding are your ultimate rewards with Compass USA

homestays and international educational opportunities.  

Our Dedicated Host Families and Staff Make the Difference!

Debbie Dahl, President of Compass USA, formed American International Learning Institute, AILI, in 2009 for the sole purpose of providing scholarship opportunities to deserving American and international students.

AILI is a non-profit organization that creates opportunities for youth of various ethnic, cultural and economic backgrounds to contribute to and benefit from intercultural language study and interactive travel experiences.  These opportunities foster an appreciation and understanding of other cultures and languages.  

AILI provides inbound and outbound scholarships to deserving students in cooperation with international partner organizations and schools. The purpose of the scholarship program is to promote international friendship, second language learning and improved intercultural understanding.

This is a wonderful opportunity and educational experience for those students, both locally and abroad, who might not otherwise be able to experience the world! Scholarship opportunities are available to high school age students..  Please visit the AILI web site to learn more about this opportunity.

Scholarship Opportunities

AILI:  American International Learning Institute